Monday, February 16, 2015

Shabby Chic Patriotic Wreath

Today being President's Day, I thought I could sneak in a red, white, and
blue craft that I made last summer. I call it my .....

Shabby Chic Patriotic Wreath

It's made with a straw wreath that I first wrapped
with muslin strips.
The red, white and blue strips are 4" wide and 10" long.
I hand gathered each one--something I do while
watching TV--and arranged them around the wreath.
Then I used buttons of various sizes for the "stars"
and added some bells I had from a piece from the Dollar Store.

The raw edges naturally frayed but I helped them along
just a little!

And there you have it--
Shabby Chic Patriotic Wreath--

good for all Patriotic Holidays.   

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