Friday, February 13, 2015

Paris Love Locks Make Their Way Across the Ocean

Love Locks--we saw them on many bridges in Paris.

For many years, tourists have overloaded the bridges with locks
of all kinds--a symbol of the couple's undying lock is further sealed
by then throwing the key in the Seine River.

Paris officials worry about the unsafe weight of the locks and
the aesthetics of what it is doing to the classic views along the
Seine River.
Many Paris residents feel strongly that it is vandalism and have
formed "No Love Lock Campaigns."

In June, 2014, a section of the famous Pont des Arts footbridge
collapsed from the weight of thousands of locks.
Fortunately it collapsed inwards rather than in the Seine River.

Image:Thibault Camus/Associated Press

Although officials have cut off thousands of locks since 2008
when the craze began on the Pont des Arts bridge, the
problem is way out of control for this to be a solution. 

So additional measures are underway--
the installation of experimental glass panels which are shatter-proof
and graffiti-resistant to prevent further damage to the bridge.

Image: ABC News

The idea of love locks is quite infectious--they can be found in Ireland,
Italy, Australia, Algiers, Canada, and Germany, to name a few places

Here is a picture we took on the Brooklyn Bridge 
during our December visit.

City officials have been removing padlocks since 2013
but as you can see the problem still exists.

Spread the word--
Let's not be part of the problem.

Happy Valentine's Day,
My Friends.

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