Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hello Again...It's Been (Quite) A While

Hello My Friends--
I might actually be back in the blog world after a rough seven months
of electronic agony. I am now trying to get used to the foreign feel of
a laptop for the first time--dang this thing is touchy! I also had to get
a new camera, a new printer, and then another one when the first one
kept jamming. So there has been a lot of frustration and failed online
support to get me to this point. But it appears that I can now upload
pictures which is what I have been hoping to accomplish. I still cannot
do that on my desktop which I had to have totally  reinstalled by the
Geek Squad.

Enough of my woes...Thank you for hanging in there..I even gained some
new subscribers which is a delightful surprise and very encouraging. I have
been busy crafting for the annual November church boutique and have a
lot to show you. I have also done a lot of reading, especially since my
children gave me a Kindle for Christmas. I didn't know how much I would
LOVE it. During my computer problems, I used my Kindle exclusively.
It was great for emails and internet research, as well as downloading free
books from the local library. If you haven't checked into that in your area,
you should. I have not bought one book thanks to this wonderful FREE
program through the library system. I have read some awesome books and
will be sharing my recommendations with you soon.

My internet research has mainly been in preparation of my upcoming trip to...
FRANCE! In September I will be going to Germany, southern France, and Paris
with my daughter, daughter-in-law, and sister-in-law. So I am planning on having
some awesome pictures to share with you in October.

I have plans for giving this blog a facelift also--these colors look awful on this
computer! Time for a change. 

I promised when I left you that I would show you more Frank Lloyd Wright
homes--and I will. But those pictures are on a zip drive in a different location
so it will have to be for a future post.

Last year, my book page wreaths were a popular item at the church boutique,
so here is one I made to sell this November. 

The pages looked "aged" to my liking, so I did not have to do anything to
artificially enhance them. I started with squares that I cut 3-1/2 x 3-1/2,
cupped them in my hand and pinched in at the center. Then I put hot glue on
the bottom center side and push it into the styrofoam wreath, gently, using
a Chinese chop stick. I put them very close together so that the wreath
was very full. This blingy buckle came from an array that was given to me
last year at the boutique by the sweet lady in the booth next to me who
sold adorable sandals. She had purchased them and could not use them so she
thought I might be able to. You bettcha! Wired ribbon always works best for me
when making a bow. I just fiddle-faddled with it until it looked right!

And there you have it!

So nice talking to you again. 
Have a restful Sunday.

What have you been up to lately?
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