Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Get Perfect Corners When Covering Chipboard--A Tutorial

I was making a little photo album over the week-end to send to my niece
who we visited in March. To make pretty front and back chipboard covers,
I remembered a trick that I learned many years ago that I wanted to share
with you. It is a foolproof way of Getting Perfect Corners When Covering
Chipboard--no bits of gray chipboard peeking out where the paper doesn't meet.

1. The square was 5" x 5" so I cut the paper 7" x 7." I ran is through
my Xyron machine, but you could also use spray adhesive on it.
You want it sticky so it will adhere to the chipboard.

2. Lay the chipboard in the middle of the sticky side of the paper so that
there is a 1" margin on all four sides.

3. Hold TWO thicknesses of the chipboard and position them at a diagonal 
in the corner. They are butted right up against the point.
Draw a line along the outside of this chipboard.
Repeat this step in the other three corners. 

4. Cut along this diagonal line. When you finish, your piece
will look like this.
You can see the space between the cardboard point and the
edge of the paper.

5. Fold in the first two sides. Then, take a bone folder and flatten that little
corner of paper. Do this in all four corners. Make sure you are flattening it
 straight down, not out. That will give you the sharp corner.

6. You want it to look like this when you fold in the third and fourth sides.

7.  Now the inside cover is ready to be lined!

Use this technique to make covers for post-it-note folders
or any type of binder.
Chipboard comes pre-cut in several sizes.
It works every time and is so easy!  


  1. Perfect timing! I was going to go looking for a tutorial that covered corners! Well done tutorial - Thanks!


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