Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Recycling Corks

Have you noticed that a lot of wine bottles now have screw off caps, or the "corks" really aren't corks at all, but some other material? So hang on to your corks--they may become a thing of the past!

We have seen corks used in crafts in a wide variety of creative ways. There have been a lot of cork projects on Pinterest, many as gift or home decorating ideas. It's great to see them being recycled, don't you think? I made a simple cork ornament to commemorate one of our family's favorite Napa wineries that went out of business this past year--Graeser Winery. We found Mr. Graeser's off-the-beaten path winery many years ago on our first visit to Napa and have been ordering wine from him ever since.

My husband, having farmed in Illinois for 16 years, could relate to this man trying to run a small-time business in less than ideal conditions. Mr. Graeser could not afford the new oak barrels, so he bought the used ones, but we actually thought this worked in his favor as we do not prefer the real strong oak taste in wine.

HERE is where I got the idea.

We've all seen cork trivets, coasters, and trays, rights?

Here are some of the more unusual cork creations I found
for your viewing pleasure: 

Cork chess set

 Cork wreath

Succulent holder
Beach bliss

Cork necklace

Cork bath mat

Cork candle holder

Cork boats

Cork curtain

Cork painting

Cork mirror

Cork place card
Style Me Pretty

Cork stamping
Sweet Spot

Cork letters
Green is Universal

last but not least.....

Cork chair!
Alcohol Bars

And that's a lot of corks!

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