Monday, September 26, 2011

Baker's Twine: Finding a Practical Way to Store It

I love, love, love my Baker's Twine! The colors are luscious and I enjoy using it on cards and in gift-wrapping. 

I have purchased all the colors in the smaller quantities, so as much as I liked the idea of using a sugar dispenser to host the bolts, I came up with a more practical way to store the smaller skeins.

This is a Parmesan Cheese Shaker that I repurposed to hold six skeins.
There is still enough room inside of the container for the twine to be pulled out
as you are using it without getting tangled with the other colors.

View my Linky Parties Page to see where I am participating this week
with my original idea for storing Baker's Twine. 

I rounded up some of the other creative ideas I have spotted on
Pinterest for storing ribbon, thread, and twine-- 
you know all those "tie-ables" that we crafters couldn't live without!

Muli-tiered pants hanger @ Creating Keepsake Blog

Optical disc spindles @

 Metal funnels @ Martha

Plastic bin @ Spunky Junk

Homemade thread dispenser from Russia @ The New Museum

Soda straw dispenser @ All People

Tic Tac dispenser @ Cut Out and Keep

Small hardware store bins @ All People

Shoe holder @ Celes :) tambien cose!

 Flowerpot string dispenser @ Martha

 Doll pins (aka old-style clothes pins) @ ECAB

Are there any ideas here that you can incorporate in your craft room
to help you keep your ribbon, twine, and string more organized?


  1. TOTALLY love the Parmesan cheese shaker idea! i do use the multi pants hanger -- not real impressed with that though - PITB when a roll runs out!

  2. Thanks, Vicki, I'm glad you like my idea. Hope others do also.

  3. What a great idea! I'm off to Dollar Tree.....

  4. Oh my goodness, where are my manners? Thank you for posting your wonderful idea.

  5. Tic Tac box = inspired!! I'm sending a link to this blog post to my college-student crafty daughter.I found you on Pintrest, but I'll be back

  6. All of these ideas are just so awesome!


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